Artists of the Month – April 2018
SimPhoney Improv

SimPhoney Improv was created in 2014 by David Hobson, who had trained with Vancouver Theatre Sports, and who wanted to have improv comedy shows in this part of the Fraser Valley, featuring local talent.  He recruited a number of people with acting and comedy backgrounds who quickly learned the techniques involved and commenced with a series of shows in Chilliwack.

The current lineup also includes Mary Erickson, Michael Berger, Nancy Guitar and Scott McVetty. The group performed in the 2017 RickRack in the Wack Festival and have done shows in various venues such as Bozzini’s Restaurant, The Vineyard Centre, Cowork Chilliwack and others around Abbotsford, Langley and Agassiz.

SimPhoney Improv provides unscripted comedy through high quality public performances in Chilliwack and surrounding areas. In addition, the group is available for private functions, charity shows and corporate training events.

Improv comedy shows typically feature a number of games or sketches with much of the input coming from the audience.  For example, items such as location, occupation, relationships, movie genre, style of music or specific sentences may be asked and the actors must incorporate that given information into the scene they are playing.  Viewers of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ will be familiar with this interactive format.

SimPhoney Improv’s shows are suitable for all ages but, as a lot of the content may relate to current news items, personalities or events, older teenagers and adults usually form a typical audience.

The next public performance will be on Saturday, June 23 at Cowork Chilliwack (8465 Harvard Place) at 7:00pm.  Tickets will be $10 each.  

For more details, contact:
Ph: 604-702-9850 or 778-241-1812 (David Hobson)
Email:  [email protected]

For more about SimPhoney Improv, visit their Facebook page.


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