Artist of the Month – March 2018
Sidrah Ahmad – Colours of Henna

Sidrah was born in BC and is first generation Canadian, as her parents were born in Pakistan. Since from the time she can remember, her parents have surrounded Sidrah and her siblings with both the Islamic faith and Pakistani traditions. From clothing to food to knowledge, her parents taught and modeled value in retaining their faith and culture. They valued the methods of teaching and modeling (as opposed to forcing) for instilling love and respect towards their Islamic faith and Pakistani heritage. Above all, Sidrah’s parents emphasized the value of being ‘good humans’ first and open to others’ opinions, while continuing to gain knowledge and sharing this with others.

As a way to share her arts and culture background, Sidrah has been practicing the art of Henna for over 10 years, after being introduced to Henna from a young age by her mother. Overtime and with practice, Sidrah has learned to create intricate designs. She also loves teaching this traditional and natural art to others. Sidrah and the other artists from Colours of Henna can be found at vibrant events throughout the year, sharing this time-honoured art form with their community.

Visit the Colours of Henna Facebook page to view designs created by this talented team of artists or book them for an event of your own!

*In addition to her talent for creating beautiful, wearable art, Sidrah often teams up with her mother, Nasrin, to share family recipes and cooking techniques with students of the Chilliwack Community Arts Council. Join Sidrah and Nasrin on Saturday, March 17 as they share their take on the traditional dish, Palak Paneer. Visit the Class Schedule to learn more…

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