Artist of the Month – February 2018
Carla Swope

Carla Swope’s passion for creating unique jewelry is something that she’s possessed since she was young. Inspired by our natural environment, she draws her design ideas from the mountains and valleys where she lives in Chilliwack, BC, and beyond. The jewelry she creates is constantly evolving: she loves to work with unusual colour and shape combinations, and these change with the seasons. Mother Nature is Carla’s muse, with all of her pieces balancing the elegant feminine with earth’s elements.

Impeccable high-quality craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail have helped her to build a successful business over the past 15 years. Carla has participated in many juried art shows, community craft shows, markets and events. Additional experience includes being the owner of Beadifferent bead shop in Hope, BC until 2010, as well as being a certified yoga instructor. She teaches jewelry design as an instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley, as well as with local arts councils, community centers and schools. She also became a mom three years ago, and loves the freedom that working on her craft at home affords her. Carla’s studio is always a busy place to be!



To learn more about Carla and view her portfolio, visit And follow her on Facebook and Instagram to be dazzled by her latest designs.

*Looking to learn the secrets behind Carla’s artistry? Join her on Saturday, March 10 as she teaches students how to create beautiful bracelets using stone, wood, and glass beads. Register now for Beaded Bracelets

Gain a glimpse behind the scenes with Shaw TV’s Artist Spotlight:

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